Uhuru Kenyatta may not succeed in his war on corruption in Kenya

SEVERE FIGHT AGAINST THE WAR ON CORRUPTION: Since the day President Uhuru Kenyatta declared the war against corruption in Kenya last year, the looters of Public Funds have waged a much greater war and a more severe fight against that war on corruption(Life Style Audit)in Kenya. The damning question now remains ” Will President Uhuru Kenyatta’sLife Style Auditsurvive the onslaught of the looters of public funds in Kenya?”. The magnitude of the war waged by the looters of public funds in Kenya, has defied Sir Isaac Newtons law which states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction“, because the reaction against theLife Style Audithas led to the war which is being waged by the looters of public funds in Kenya, that is far much greater and much more severe, than President Uhuru KenyattaLifestyle Auditwar on Corruption.
The looters of Public Funds who have crippled Kenya economically, have formed a very strong gang to oppose all the efforts by President Uhuru Kenyatta to end corruption. The Gang which is composed of vey senior leaders and very rich businessman and businesswomen who are beneficiaries of corruption, are out in arms and in full swing to protect everyone of their own who is mentioned in corruption deals. The main slogan that is being commonly used is “Certain Tribes arebeingtargeted” or “Our Community is being targeted“.
In Kenya today, there is not one single community which has a population of less than one million people and I have not heard any one single community which has been named as suspect of looting public funds. Why then would the individual looters of public funds from certain communities, join their communities in their crimes of looting Public Funds in Kenya, whenever they are individually identified with corruption?. Of course they are doing so to intensify their bitter fight against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s war( Life Style Audit )on corruption, so that they can succeed in undermining all efforts by President Uhuru Kenyatta, to end corruption in Kenya.
Kenyans fought a very bitter war to end colonialism. Many Kenyans died and many others were left disabled as a result of that war. But finally, Colonialism ended in Kenya. Nevertheless, this may not be the same with the current war on corruption in Kenya, because the war on corruption is far much greater and is much more complex than the war against the colonialists. As of today, many Kenyans have unnoticeably died and many others have been left disabled in the war against corruption in Kenya.
Apparently, because of either fear or because of being in favour of the looters of Public funds, the Kenya Chief Justice Mr David Kenani Magara has bent his argument of setting free suspects, on thelack of evidencein almost all cases of suspects of looters of Public Funds brought before the court, not withstanding that only a few years ago,Judge Tanui was accused of a Kshs 200 millionbribe to end a case before him. With the current Chief Justice acting as as a barrier to successful prosecution of suspects and with the looters of Public Funds aggressively at war with President Uhuru Kenyatta’sLife Style Audit, it will be extremely difficult and probably next to impossible, for President Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed in his war against corruption in Kenya.
Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity
Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union.

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