VIDEO: Passaris Comes Clean on Intercontinental Hotel Saga

Passaris Comes Clean
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Woman Representative Esther Passaris

Passaris Comes Clean on Intercontinental Hotel: Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has responded to Governor Mike Sonko’s allegations that she invited him at a Nairobi hotel.

Speaking to members of the press at JKIA on Monday morning, Passaris accused the governor of twisting the facts of the matter.

Since she would go to court over the allegations raised against her, she waived her right to privacy for authorities to investigate the accusations.

“I would love the hotel, Intercontinental, to access all my private data as to when I ever stayed in that hotel,” she spoke.

Passaris Comes Clean on Intercontinental Hotel:

Giving her side of the story, she explained that her two-day stay at the hotel was during the Parliamentary Induction exercise in 2017.

The conversation she had with the governor was him asking whether she would attend the induction since there was tension that ODM politicians would boycott the session.

“I actually said ‘Governor I’ve checked in, I’m actually here’…So when you take things out of context and try to create a story that is false, forgetting that I am a mother of young adults, a mother of an entire county and forgetting that I am a child and wife of someone. I think it is distasteful and degrading,” she condemned.

Passaris declared that this would be the last time someone would question her integrity with falsehood.

“This time I’m not letting it go, what we are going to do is follow due process.

“I will use every single rule and law and be guided by this constitution to ensure that this is the last time that somebody uses falsehood to bring down a woman or to bring down a woman leader,” she maintained.

Passaris answers Sonko | Part 1

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