Kenya Village Females: Marry Tanzania Women? Why Not Me?

Kenya Village Females: Marry Tanzania Women? Why Not Me?

Dr. Teddy Kamau

In arguing against MP Jaguar, Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta said if a Kenyan sees a good girl in Tanzania and wants to marry her, he should. However, statistics show that Kenyans do not marry Tanzanians. The president however missed what the MP was talking about. You see, the village female in Kinungi is till single and she is wondering why Kenyan men have to go to Tanzania to look for a wife. She sees herself as beautiful, intelligent, Kenyan, and equipped with all the cultural ingredients necessary for a GOOD Kenyan wife. To steal from the passionate song by the Judd’s, The Kinungi girl is asking, “Why not me?”

When it comes to anatomy and physiology a woman is but a woman! But when it comes to quality, even the Bible segregates. When Abraham’s son was ready for a wife, Abraham had a conversation with his servant. This is the request, “ . . . promise me that you will go to my country and to my own relatives. Get a wife for my son Isaac from there.” (Read the narrative Gen: 24) The Bible is not just a spiritual road map to the Kingdom of God in the prophetic heaven. Rather, the Bible is the most perfect roadmap to life. The Bible argues that when one marries a woman from the neighborhood, then the man is aware of what he is getting. In the case of Abraham, he knew his people and did not want surprises for his son. We all can agree that that is wisdom.

The bible however does not limit goodness to the neighborhood girl. Moses did not marry a woman from his neighborhood. Rather, he married Jethro’s daughter, a Kenite he feel in love with while in exile. Quality is not restricted to the neighborhood. But charity begins at home! This is not the only dependable wisdom that the Bible gives about life. It also has a lot to say about the other part that president Uhuru was talking about. Isolationism. The president declared MP Jaguar as ignorant for advocating isolationism.

The bible warned the believer against being un-equally yorked. The idea was that a believer should not be married to a non-believer. The argument is based on the biblical principle that sees a believer as being inhabited by the Holy Spirit and not vulnerable to demonic possession. Demons cannot inhabit a born again Christian given that the spirit of God dwells in them. However the non-believer has no protection against possession. The home yorked can be vulnerable to demonic influence coming through the non-believer. Therefore the wisdom of scripture warns against this co-habitation. 2nd Corinthians 6:14

Politically, the nation of Israel was warned against ‘marrying’ other nations who did not hold the same political philosophy. This amalgamation would result in what the bible termed as ‘pollution.’ In this space, the fact is, Tanzania is not a democratic state. Tanzania is a democratic socialist state whose Ujamaa has guaranteed its economic stagnation. Uganda and Ruanda are democratic dictatorships. Kenyan is the only capitalistic democracy in East Africa. Ethiopian has been a dictatorship for a long time. Therefore, MP Jaguar has a point.

The president’s support of one East Africa is not based upon the idea of family first, rather an embrace of globalism at the expense of the woman from Kinungi. The woman from Kinungi is not just complaining about husbands, she is concerned that the local hospital cannot take care of her children. She is concerned that her primary school has no support from the government. She is complaining that the government is not doing enough to serve its own people. She is complaining that she cannot afford Meco gas! She is concerned that the influx of people from other countries in open border scenario is digging into her bottom line. All this without consultation!

If people would read the biblical revelation as a guide to all things, then one can see why Jaguar’s mistake was not his concern, but his methodology. He is expressing a real problem in Kenya. The Bible for example argues that an elder must be a good husband and father to his own children. That in evangelism, one must begin in Jerusalem before moving to Judea (Acts:1:8) These principles are not only about heaven they are important principles in every day life. There is nothing wrong with going to Tanzania, but not before building home. Home first, then World!

The Kinungi Women, whom Jaguar is speaking on behalf, is crying out, “Mr. president, what have you done for me lately?” She does not see any value for Huduma number when there is no huduma! Kenya’s sovereignty seems to be sold out to the East African Community not to benefit Kenya but to benefit Tanzanian and some global agenda! The Kinungi Women agrees with Jaguar. “We are Kenyans not East Africans. We do not need the East African Passports or the Cuban based Huduma number. We are a sovereign State whose constitution is not East African but Kenyan. Don’t sell Jerusalem to buy Tubaktu! We love Jerusalem!” They say.

The Kinungi woman is with Jaguar. She is crying out for help. “Look at me. Take care of my Jerusalem! Before going to Tanzania, please check me out. Hear my cry”, she screams, “Why Not ME?”

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates


Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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