Arati and Junet Mohamed jokes about Didmus Barasa’s lost cap


Arati and Junet Mohamed jokes about Didmus Barasa’s lost cap: Two days after Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa was harassed by rowdy youth in Kibra, Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati has joked about the matter.

Denying claims that he organized Barasa’s ordeal, Arati took the opportunity to showcase his humorous side.

The Dagoretti North legislator described the events as unfortunate and joked that he looks forward to seeing the cap in a future rally.

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He further added that he saw the person who took the cap but could not ask for it since the individual seemed unfriendly and annoyed.

“I hope we will see Didmus’s cap in one of the rallies very soon, I don’t know the guy who took it away but I saw him. He was rough and annoyed” said the legislator.

The events in question happened on November 7, 2019, during the Kibra constituency by-elections.

The MP, however, expressed his displeasure towards the accusations directed to him and stated that he saved Barasa from the rowdy youth.

“Sadly, I am being blamed yet I saved my brother from the wrath of the youths who had been told that Jubilee legislators were on the ground to buy voters,” added Arati.

By Babu Tendu


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