Reactions of Murkomen’s video preparing brown ugali in the village


Reactions of Murkomen’s video preparing brown ugali in the village

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen on Thursday shared a video of himself cooking brown ugali in the village.

In the video, the senator expertly stirs the millet flour on a three-stone jiko as he explains to onlookers that his culinary skills are top drawer.

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“Back to my roots. Showing the kids how to knit and knead black golden ugali.

“Alafu harers waongee mbaya. In the year 2020, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” he wrote.

Adding: “At this stage, you lower the heat by removing the firewood and allow the ugali to cook slowly as you turn it from time to time.

Online, many were impressed by his skills but some trolled him saying his cooking stick barely touched the bottom part of the pot.

Here are some of the reactions:

Collins: Tuangalia hygiene please sasa hiyo kiatu ikaingia ndani

Odhiambo Issa: People might think it is an easy task. It isn’t. It requires exemplary mastery of skills from the amount of flour to controlling the fire (heat), and event how to tilt the sufuria (or karai) to enable you to support it with your leg or legs.

IamLegrande: Unaisonga kiBBI

Zuby: Wife material

Otunga Mourice: You are cooking ugali without fire? Hiyo ugali ilishaiva kitambo unaleta tu madoido.

Edwin Kiplimo: Hii Ugali ilikua ishapikwa na ikaiva wewe ni kutupima tu.

Edith Lumumba: Ukitoka hapo no need for gym for the entire January. You’ve already suffered in advance.

By Vincent Kejitan

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