Mombasa-Bound Bus passenger coughs, collapses and dies


Mombasa-Bound Bus passenger coughs, collapses and dies 

Mombasa-Bound Bus passenger coughs, collapses and dies A 30-year-old passenger who was aboard a Mombasa-bound bus from Nairobi is said to have collapsed and died at the Mtito Andei stopover.

According to the police report, the man started coughing, collapsed and died.

Police said the incident was reported on the wee hours of Monday morning, 2.40 am at the Mtito Andei Police Station in Kibwezi Sub-County, Makueni.

“About 2km North of the station from Nairobi towards Mombasa for a stopover, one passenger namely aged 30 years begun coughing and collapsed and passed on,” read the police report.

Public health officers in Kibwezi were mobilized to remove the body from the scene and fumigate the bus.

Preliminary investigations confirmed that the man died from a heart attack.

The most common heart attack signs and symptoms, according to WebMD, are chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue, sudden dizziness and nausea.

By Zadock Angira

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