VIDEO: Anne Kansiime Shares Lockdown Experience

VIDEO: Anne Kansiime Shares Lockdown Experience
VIDEO: Anne Kansiime Shares Lockdown ExperienceIn our #LockdownDiaries series, The Tower Post continues to check in on Uganda’s celebrities to see how they are doing during this period of the lockdown that is aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s an update from multi-award winning entertainer, Anne Kansiime.

Give us a one-line bio of yourself

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My name is Kansiime Anne, an Entertainer and lover of life in every form.

What’s your work situation like at the moment?

I work a lot on my phone normally since I manage all my social media platforms so, my work mode hasn’t changed much.

Where are you living now and who is with you?

Am living at my home in Nsasa with Family.

Anne Kansiime is spending the lockdown period with her family

How are you dealing with child care vs work

I have no children to take care of or tend to during this kwarantin now apart from my baby (boyfriend) Sky.

What are you reading?

Apart from the usual Bible verses before prayers every evening, am doing a lot of online research on monetisation of online content and business in general.

Just flexing my online muscles for when all this is over.

What are you watching?

I have been watching “When calls the Heart” on Netflix just to help me dream a little.

What are you listening to?

Oh am Listening to a lot of reggae and writing some too.

Have you ever run into LDU after curfew time?

I have still been lucky not to run into LDU

What would you do if Curfew time caught you outside your home?

I am sure curfew would never find me out of home cos am real serious about this #stayhomestaysafe.

Do you own a bicycle?

I am shy and sad to say I don’t own a bicycle and don’t even know how to ride one

How are you staying fit – Which exercises are you doing?

I run around my house inside my compound and skip a rope every evening. It knocks me out well and I have been sleeping like a baby.

Have you taken up a new hobby? Which one?

I have taken up singing a lot. Am writing a lot of music lately and I think that’s something am falling in love with afresh this kwarantin.

How are you getting your groceries?

I have a guy (my usual Boda guy) Moses, that still gets me all my groceries. He is my hero.

One Awkward moment since the lock down started?

Well, lockdown found me with my mom, dad, sister, niece, lover at home and with such a diverse collect, one doesn’t run out of awkward situations

How do you think this whole thing is going to end?

Just like most things, bad or good, this too will end real soon.

By Alex Alinda

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