Blame Game For Everything: Black Women Blames Racism For Being Fat

Blame Game For Everything: Black Women Blames Racism For Being Fat
Blame Game For Everything: Black Women Blames Racism For Being Fat

People blame others for all kinds of things. Much of the blame is justified especially if someone caused you pain, or suffering. Most blame involves men towards women or women towards men. “He made me pregnant”, is a common one when young girls realize they are carrying some character’s baby. Men do not get pregnant therefore they do not blame women for un-wanted pregnancies. They just take off into the jungle where the girl cannot find them. Men usually blame their girlfriends or wives when they are caught pants down with a lover somewhere in a motel. “She made me do it. She has frustrated me for a very long time therefore I decided to find love somewhere else.” They never admit that the new lover was very tempting and it has nothing to do with the other woman.

My brother always reminded us on the danger of making a girl pregnant. Though we were brought up in an absolute conservative biblical home, we were boys and boys meet girls and within the natural progression, the possibility of making a girl pregnant was always there. “Can you imagine one morning being called by the mzee?” He told me and my other brothers after a basketball game. There was this cultural practice of a father and a mother coming with their pregnant daughter to the boy’s house. “Can you imagine being called, ‘Arrows! Can you come here.’ I go there to find my father and mother in the living room. Then I look and see the girl’s father and mother with their pregnant daughter. Can you imagine?” My brother was terrified of the prospect. I guess we all got scared of the prospect. The guy is still single and maybe has thought himself to a point of mental absurdity. I have never seen him with a girl. Trying to hook him up! Any ideas?

We could not imagine our mother’s embarrassment. The possibility that our pastor father would use his right to shoot his son with his double barrel rifle he used for ‘defending’ my mother’s cabbage against the Nugus was always in our minds. Therefore, we never had any girl showing up to blame any of us for some child somewhere. Thank God! My mother would not have enjoyed that.

There is also political blame and this is justified. We can blame our politicians for lying to us since independence that they had our welfare at heart. Nairobi has historically become chaotic to the point that it would have to be brought down to create a functioning metropolitan experience. But as we blame the politicians, we also must blame ourselves for not using our God given brain to vote for qualified individuals who would guide our country into an organized orchestra that function within mathematics into a harmony of roads and organized dwellings. If only we could imitate the creator and the majestic order in the heavens. Have you been to Gethurai? Goodness gracious me!

Anyway, there is genuine blame and there is ridiculous blame. For example, in the United States, fat, obese black women are claiming that the reason why they cannot lose weight is due to white racism. When I heard this I could not believe it. But for some ‘rational’ reason these black women believe it to be true. I wonder where Kenyan women stand on this.

You think I am joking? Watch the video below.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates

Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

Blame Game For Everything: Black Women Blames Racism For Being Fat

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