Covid Drama: Jalango travels to the village but mother could not greet him


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Covid Drama: Jalango travels to the village but mother could not greet him

Popular comedian cum radio personality Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o on Monday, July 20, 2020 travelled to Busia to attend the burial of his mentor and friend, veteran actor Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula. After laying Shirandula to rest at his Namisi-Bukeko village home in Nanderema, Funyula, Jalang’o paid his mother a visit but was unfortunately not able to warmly interact her with her as had been prior to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Expressing his disappointment via his morning show on Kiss 100 which he co-hosts with Kamene Goro, Jalang’o explained that he had to take precautions to keep his mother safe. Apart from that Jalang’o noted that people in upcountry also fear contracting Covid-19 and are cautious around individuals that have travelled from the city.  “My own mother did not even greet me, walitutolea ma thermometer huko. People upcountry believe that everyone in Nairobi has Covid-19hata matanga hawakuji kama kitambo.”

When he reported back to work, the comedian and several other Radio Africa Group’s staff were subjected to Covid-19 testing. Discussing the impact the dreaded virus has had on the nation, Jalang’o admitted to being a bit scared of taking the test. “I do not know what to say. Even the vibe in the streets is that the county will be locked.  Now we got into the next level and the deaths have seriously checking in and increasing.

Today is the day because you and I are being tested today. Sijui nitoroke wapi, nianzie wapi, sweetheart I hear they have put police down here for me,” said Jalang’o. His fears come hardly a week after his former radio co-host at Hot 96, media personality Jeff Koinange tested positive for Covid-19. Although in self-isolation, Koinange, who is said to be asymptomatic, has assured his fans that he is feeling perfectly okay and so is his family.

Koinange’s close contacts were alerted of his condition and as a result, directed to take the coronavirus tests just be sure and safe. His prime time news co-host at Citizen TV, Victoria Ruabadiri took a step of faith and shared her test results with her fans as she continued to urge them to practice stay safe. “Thanks to everyone who reached out to me to find out how I’m doing.

I was tested earlier this week for Covid-19 and thankfully the results came back negative. Even though it is good news, I still need to live as though I am positive to keep the ones I love and work with and randomly interact with safe. Whatever your Covid-19 status is, you need to take all the necessary precautions. Your health is paramount, not just for you but those who depend on you,” she posted. Churchill Show comedian cum radio presenter Herman Kago alias Professor Hamo who currently co-hosts with Koinange tested negative for the virus.

By Diana Anyango

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