Maureen Waititu reveals how she deals with rejection and betrayal


Maureen Waititu reveals how she deals with rejection and betrayal

Maureen Waititu recently got an opportunity to share her story while on an interview with MC Jessy as seen on Instagram.

The lady who was allegedly dumped by her long term lover Frankie Just Gym It; the father of her two boys has gone ahead to reveal how she now deals with the rejection and betrayal from a man she spent most of her youth with.

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Although the interview is yet to be uploaded, the small clip shared by MC Jessy has enabled us to understand what they might have been talking about; and truth is, Maureen Waititu seems to have changed after her nasty break up.

Breaking up with Frankie Just gym it who later impregnated another woman, socialite Corazon Kwamboka; has turned Maureen to a prayer warrior after years of enjoying life on the fast lane.

Prayers works miracles

Last time I checked, there is no prayerful person than a woman whose marriage is falling apart!

Well the pain has changed how Maureen now see’s things and judging from how she spoke in the video below; we can all agree that the lass has now turned to God – hoping he fights this for her.

She goes on to mention that lately things have been working out for her and unlike before she is now crying tears of joy!

Nowadays I don’t cry tears of pain; I cry tears of joy! I have been verbally attacked for ati you think you have a God, even me I have a God; but I am like you wait, and see who I worship. Even all this grace is him!

Judging from her interview seems like prayer has been working for her; but also we cannot forget that people work through their break ups differently. Howeverif I was Corazon I’d probably be whispering my own little prayer now that Maureen has revealed her powerful weapon!

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