Former Churchill comedian Zeddy reveals battle with depression & suicide


Former Churchill comedian Zeddy reveals battle with depression & suicide

 Former Churchill comedian Zeddy reveals battle with depression & suicideComedian Zeddy Zainabu has taken it upon herself to make public the plight of her colleagues who are batting depression and suicide.

With all these stories we have heard little no nothing of her side but she decided to open up in an interview with Grace Msalame. And she has been through a lot.

Zeddy revealed that her husband, up and left her when she was two months pregnant with her child.

“ Last year, I got back together with my husband and we stayed together peacefully. I got pregnant and after 2 months he left again. we had not disagreed and nothing was wrong, he just left to go stay with another woman.”

With this and the fact that things weren’t working out in her career,  depression then became a big part of her life.

Speaking about depression, the female comedian for the very first time confessed to being suicidal as she had thought of jumping off her 8th-floor balcony.

“Nilikuwa natamani kwa sababu hiyo time nilikuwa naishi 8th floor. Nilikuwa natamani saa zingine venye nimepanda huko nijirushe. Alafu kama mwanamke kitu inaniambia kuna watoto wengine wananiangalia.”

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Comedian Zeddy
Comedian Zeddy Image: Instagram

What Kept Zeddy going even when things were miserable for her was the thought of leaving her children behind as orphans. That was not in her plans at all.

Her children became her motivation.

This is another comedian who has come out to talk about depression and the trend is becoming worrying.

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