VIDEO: How To Wear Black To A Kenyan Wedding

VIDEO: How To Wear Black To A Kenyan Wedding
VIDEO: How To Wear Black To A Kenyan Wedding

How to manifest the King within at important functions: I was on YouTube the other day and came across the video above. I loved it. Informative and humorous at the same time. But what struck me the most about the video.
was the line at the end. No, not the snapping finger to get naked part. It was the dress to portray
your power part. The part about you being a King.

A lot of men out here are Kings, but due to the pressures of life, they may not feel like it.

If you’re working hard to hold down a job in the diaspora and sending money back home, then
you’re most definitely a King. Most family members back home probably do not understand the
pressures of living and working away from home. Pushing every single day to feed your family. Both your immediate family living with you and your extended family back home. It’s hard work. And only a King such as yourself would manage it the way you have so far. Without giving up.

So how do you manifest the King within at any important function you will be attending?
In 2 ways.

By making the investment in yourself.
Let’s say you’re going for an important evening meeting. Well, here’s the success starter kit.

How To Wear Black To A Kenyan WeddingNo shortcuts taken. None whatsoever. Designer jacket, wool pants, matching shoes, designer
fragrance and a great watch.
It’s not an everyday look, it’s one only for the most important of occasions. Since you’ve been
investing in everyone and everything else around you, it’s time to celebrate yourself. The real ones in your life will truly appreciate it.

By staying true to yourself and your sense of style.
If you’re the type of gentleman who likes high-quality unique pieces, then you should hit your
function in a unique piece. Essentially staying extremely true to yourself and your sense of style.
If the dress code for the function is black and white, then why head for the occasion in the cookie-cutter jacket on the left when you could just as easily stun the crowd in the unique masterpiece on the right?

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the jacket on the left. If that’s your style preference then go ahead. Do you.

All I’m saying is that you should follow your heart and go with whichever look your heart truly
desires as a King, as long as it’s in line with the specific dress code or occasion. As explained by the gentleman in the video at the beginning.

All designer jackets in the post are exclusive to King Sidney.

By Peter Okatch

Video by King Sidney

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