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Two Diaspora Kenyan Women Breaking Barriers-Serah Munyiri & Teresa Njoroge

Two Diaspora Kenyan Women Breaking Barriers-Serah Munyiri & Teresa Njoroge

Two Diaspora Kenyan Women Breaking Barriers-Serah Munyiri & Teresa Njoroge
Many in the diaspora and across Africa are thrilled by the services Jambo List is offering.
Jambo List LLC is a marketing company registered in the USA, their main market is to highlight,
market and advertise Businesses owned Africans’ in Diaspora as well as businesses targeting
to sell their goods and services to African diasporans.

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Jambo List Launch

Jambo List had a very successful virtual Business Launch on Sunday October 10th. The launch
was well attended on virtually as well as on Jambo List social media handles. The Keynote
speaker, Ms. Lyna Nyamwaya , a Leadership Coach and an Award-Winning RN challenged the
attendees to desire to have both an education and a business. She stated that our parents did
the best they could but now it’s our time to do more. Another Speaker Mr. Geoffrey Soyiantet,
CEO and Founder of Vitendo 4 Africa, a non profit organization based in St. Louis MO stated
that it’s time to change the narrative and support one another.

Mr. Bob Mwiti the Founder & the product director of Appstec and co-founder of The Kenyan
Airlift program hailed Jambo List as a great beginning for African businesses growth. He
challenged all business owners to be passionate about telling their story. You can watch the
recorded video at @jambo List Facebook and also on the Jambo List’s Youtube channel.

Serah Munyiri & Teresa Njoroge are the co-owners of Jambo List LLC. They both are
community leaders who reside in New Jersey with their families. The ladies shared their vision
and the mission for their company. They noted the challenges business owners in the diaspora
face, especially in the area of marketing. Although most African owned businesses carry
goods that most Africans still enjoy,and provide services that are very beneficial, there still
lacks a one stop shop where Africans can find these goods and services. Jambo List was
created to solve this problem.

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During the launch, the Ladies shared their desire to support the community and help grow the
economy within the African American community. Recent research indicates that a dollar $$$
circulates for only 6hours within the African American community compared to 20 days within
Jewish community, and 30 days within the Asian community. This explains why these
communities continue to experience growth. Our community needs to do better and support
each other’s businesses. This is where the services of Jambo List are going to come in handy.
With the FREE business directory, consumers will easily locate the businesses they are looking
for as well as leave a review for those they have done business with.

Besides the free business directory, Jambo List is also offering marketing services for all the
businesses targeting Africans in the diaspora. One can feature their business on the website’s
home page as well as in their social media accounts. They will also be highlighting & offering
interviews to businesses that strive to do businesses with Kenyans in the Diaspora.

In an effort to support the community, Jambo List will also offer training and workshops on
different topics such as: how to register a company in the USA, digital marketing, business
taxations, Business marketing etc.

Jambo List African Owned Businesses directory is determined to be the household name within
Africans in diaspora as well as businesses that target their product and Services to Blacks and
African immigrants in USA & Canada.

Our goal is to create a one stop shop platform for all African needs attracting businesses and
corporations that target blacks market.

Call us today for your marketing and advertising needs. You may also visit our website at

Contact us at Twitter: @jambolist |IG: Jambo.list |Facebook: @jambo list |Email:


Two Diaspora Kenyan Women Breaking Barriers-Serah Munyiri & Teresa Njoroge

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