Break The Bias: Women have evolved from kitchen, bedroom to boardrooms

Break The Bias: Women have evolved from kitchen, bedroom to boardrooms
Break The Bias: Women have evolved from kitchen, bedroom to boardrooms

The World continues to celebrate women, their achievements, and contributions to sustainable development.  While there’s a debate as to whether or not women are being over-empowered, truth be told that just like men, women are an integral part of society.  They have evolved, and their place transitioned from just the kitchen and bedroom to the boardrooms. The stereotypes of what women can’t do are being broken daily, and history is being made by them. Voilà!

Regardless of gender, there are no limitations to what anyone can achieve.  However, gender bias can greatly affect how far one is willing to go in their journey to success.  Bullying at the workplace, less pay for equal or even more work and lack of appreciation for efforts made and work done can be demoralizing. Whereas men are likely to suffer from discrimination, most victims of harassment are women, especially those in male-dominated fields.

Without even realizing it, bias is so within us and part of our daily bread.   If a male child, for instance, falls down in an African environment and starts crying, he will be told to stop behaving like a woman. When a woman raises an issue that could affect her or others in a working setup, it is likely to be brushed off as sentimental unlike if was to be raised by their male counterparts.  If a man complains, it is very okay, if a woman does it, she is nagging.  Being a woman is mostly portrayed as a weakness, it ought not to be so.

Breaking the bias starts with acknowledging its existence. It is appreciating the fact that both male and female are human. Our differences should be embraced and used to our advantage. We should all condemn inequality and advocate for an inclusive and equitable world.  From home to schools, from the workplace to the community; let’s not be a party to discrimination in any manner. Let’s fight for a conducive environment for all.

If we can embrace our differences and give everyone wings to fly, no one will be held down by our stereotypes. Dear Man, Dear Woman, your dream can come true regardless of your gender. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.  Break The Bias. Impossible is Nothing.

By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger Contributor

Elizabeth is the author of Imagine the  world and create it, a powerful book that is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

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Break The Bias: Women have evolved from kitchen, bedroom to boardrooms

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