Milly Nduta Shares Challenges Of Raising Kids in US As A Single Mom

Milly Nduta Shares Challenges Of Raising Kids in US As A Single Mom
Milly Nduta Shares Challenges Of Raising Kids in US As A Single Mom

Every Kenyan yearns for a better life for themselves than their current one every day, it’s why we wake up to work. We want to have a better life that even our children can enjoy, even if it means leaving our borders for new territory across the world.

The list of Kenyans living luxury lifestyles here and abroad keeps growing by the day. The Africa Wealth Report 2022, recently released by New World Wealth and Henley & Partners, revealed that there are over 8,500 dollar millionaires with a net worth of over Ksh115.7 million (US$1 million) in the whole of Kenya.

Meet Milly Mills Nduta, a Kenyan American mother of twin girls who is quietly turning into an inspiration for the next generation of millennial parents with the rampant globalisation.

Going by Mills’ social media handles, she loves the modern fashion that the youth of today feel as though they must have in their wardrobes.

There is a catch though, unlike some of her compatriots who are known to develop pride with luxury in the US, she maintains a sense of humility. That is given that her life is full of single parenthood as well as workouts, fashion, career and travel adventures.

The curious mother is also a woman of multi-tasks as she is also focused on her career. She also has a rarity among single parents; she can travel as frequently as her counterparts opt for albeit lighter tasks that come with being an expectant mother.

She injects passion and purpose into her daily life, offering a lesson to modern parents seeking to make life better for themselves in a world whose economy is growing costlier by the day.

If she is not spending time with her daughters and teaching them to set an example, she has another hobby, she hits the gym. If her social media posts are anything to go by, she puts extra effort into acquiring a perfectly-toned body that she isn’t afraid to show off during her travels.

Mills loves to learn and explore different things, tailoring her confident, self-assured statements to the surgical precision with which she observes the world.

She inspires a community of young mothers that keep up with her journey and pick up a thing or two from the documentation of her daily life.

Because of her small influence, the millennial mothers continuously seek answers as to how she got to where she is and how she did it because most, if not, lack a level of representation in the fashion and travel industry. Simply put, young mothers can reach for the stars when they see what she does every day.

On recentering priorities she multitasks effectively to balance her career and personal life, often allowing the latter to take a back burner.

She has shifted attention to be more evenly distributed across an array of competing priorities and allows herself to be fully present when focusing on one vs. the other.



Milly Nduta Shares Challenges Of Raising Kids in US As A Single Mom

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