Gospel Singer Ringtone Claims 98% of Kenyan girls smoke bhangi

 Gospel Singer Ringtone Claims 98% of Kenyan girls smoke bhangi
Gospel Singer Ringtone Claims 98% of Kenyan girls smoke bhangi

Since announcing he quit Gospel music, Ringtone Apoko has been delving deeper into the matter. In an interview with Eve Mungai on her You Tube channel on September 29, Ringtone revealed further details about supposedly quitting the Gospel industry.

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Many Kenyans thought the quitting Gospel was his way of entering the secular industry. Ringtone assured Even Mungai that this is not the case

“I have never left Gospel, I have and I will always be in Gospel all my life, . I am the chairman of Gospel”. Ringtone Apoko told what he has been doing since quitting “mimi nimekuwa on an undercover mission”

The undercover mission was so important after quitting that it had to be done without the knowledge of anyone

“nilikuwa nimetumwa na Yesu. I was sent by Jesus to go and find out the things the devil has been up to”

His mission was so successful that Ringtone  “let me be honest with you kwa ile muda nimekuwa undercover, I have seen a lot of the things the devil has been doing to spoil this generation. “

Following his findings, Ringtone reported back to God “I reported back to the headquarters and as of right now we are coming up with a strategy ya kuangusha ufalme wa shetani”

Ringtone added he will never desert Gospel “mimi devil cannot trust me . Let me tell you the people I have brought intot the ministry of God and got them saved, ah shetani hawezi ni trust. When he sees me he knows I ama a spy”

He insisted he is a spy sent to hell to investigate.”shetani mwenyewe hawezi ni trust.” His investigations revealed a lot

“My investigations revealed that 98 percent of Kenyan girls smoke bhangi , let me be specific, Nairobi girls ni wavutangi bhangi, and many other things.”

In July this year, ringtone told Mpasho in an exclusive interview that he had decided to quit Gospel following harassment from women.

“Nataka kuchukua hii nafasi ku thank wale watu ambao wote wameni support kwa gospel music, hii ambayo nimekuwa nikiimba.” (I want to take this opportunity that all those who have always supported me as a gospel singer)

“It has come to an end and I have decided that I will be singing love songs. To all artists in the secular industry, don’t take it as a completion just welcome me with an open heart so that we can take the industry to the next level. Bye-bye gospel industry.”

He added;

“I want to thank all the musicians in the gospel industry, the likes of Moji Short Baba, Guardian Angel, and the rest, thank you for supporting me as your chair. Stay blessed,” he said.


Ringtone made the remarks while attending the launch of Gospel musician Bridgit Blue’s album.

The launch was at the Sarit Centre Thursday night.

“We want to support upcoming artists”  Ringtone said about his appearance at the launch.

He added that

“It’s good to support those trying to penetrate the gospel music industry”

A few days ago, Ringtone showed off his sh3million outfit. 



Gospel Singer Ringtone Claims 98% of Kenyan girls smoke bhangi


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