Kenyan Man Completes 12,000-Km Sweden-Nairobi Bike Ride

Kenyan Man Completes 12,000-Km Sweden-Nairobi Bike Ride
Kenyan Man Completes 12,000-Km Sweden-Nairobi Bike Ride

A Kenyan man Ali Said has completed a 12,000 km bike ride from Sweden to Nairobi, The journey from Sweden to Nairobi was not a walk in the park for rider Ali.

Said began his journey on August 15, where he documented his journey to his followers online.

Speaking to NTV on Friday, October 7, the rider noted the cross-country trip was an expensive venture that was sponsored by a friend.

In the 17 countries he traversed through, Said carried the Kenyan flag that was signed by other bikers.

“The trip was very expensive so I reached out to a friend of mine and pitched that idea to him. He did not hesitate, he sponsored my trip,” he explained.

“In European countries, they view Kenya as the country of runners. I tried to demystify the notion in all the nations,” Said stated.

The rider, who runs a tour and travel company based in Nairobi, encouraged the biker community in the nation to embrace such long drives.

To cross through the seventeen countries, he acquired a Schengen multiple Visa. So far, he has been to over 34 countries.

The adventurer also recounted his first long voyage to Rwanda through Uganda, the land of a thousand hills.

“Growing up I fancied the bike. I started riding at the age of 12 and people used to call me the ‘adventure boy’,” he recalled.

According to Said, his late grandfather was his greatest inspiration.

Furthermore, the rider urged motorists to exercise caution on the road and lauded motorists in Western countries who respect bikers.

“Motorists do not respect bikers, some of them do not signal and this leads to accidents that are at times fatal,” he lamented.

Before travelling from Sweden to Kenya, the rider urged his followers and fellow bikers to keep him in their prayers.

“This is an adventure of a lifetime for many. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

“It will mean a lot to me. Feel free to share the tag fellow adventurers,” Said wrote when he began his journey.



Kenyan Man Completes 12,000-Km Sweden-Nairobi Bike Ride

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