President Ruto Receives Golden Plate Award in the US

President Ruto Receives Golden Plate Award in the US
President Ruto Receives Golden Plate Award in the US

The American Academy of Achievement has awarded President William Ruto with the Golden Plate at an award ceremony held at Washington DC, United States.

In a statement released by State House on Sunday, December 18, President Ruto received the award for his academic journey.

According to the academy’s chairman, Said Cathy, Ruto’s story was an inspiring one as he rose from a village boy to achieve the highest level in academics.

“From a village in Kenya, owning his first pair of shoes at the age of 15, President Ruto rose through politics, studied to the highest level of academic achievement, inspiring a generation in the art of what is possible with hard work, faith and determination,” Said Cathy said.

President Ruto now joins a list of renown achievers who have been awarded by the American Academy of Achievement.

Among them are US presidents Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Others are Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr, astronaut Neil Armstrong Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

President Ruto expressed his gratitude to the academy for the recognition.

The Head of State was awarded while in his long-week tour of the US for an African-US Summit.

By Clinton Nyabuto



About American Academy of Achievement

The American Academy of Achievement, colloquially known as the Academy of Achievement, is a non-profiteducational organization that recognizes some of the highest achieving individuals in diverse fields and gives them the opportunity to meet one another. The academy also brings together the leaders with promising graduate students for mentorship. The academy hosts an International Achievement Summit, which ends with an awards ceremony, during which new members are inducted into the academy.

Founded in 1961 by Sports Illustrated and LIFE magazine photographer Brian Reynolds, the Academy of Achievement recognizes the highest achievers in public service, business, science and exploration, sports and the arts-Wikipedia


President Ruto Receives Golden Plate Award in the US

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