Top Kenyan Musicians To Perform at UK’s Biggest Diaspora Festival

Top Kenyan Musicians To Perform at UK’s Biggest Diaspora Festival
Top Kenyan Musicians To Perform at UK’s Biggest Diaspora Festival

Otile Brown and Jua Cali: The Royal Regency in London, United Kingdom, is set to host the Kenya Diaspora Festival on May 20, 2023, culminating in the Rugby Sevens Kenyans After Party at the same venue.

Organised by the Chief Executive Officer of Kenyans in the UK, Prince Otach, the festival is being touted as one of the biggest ever Kenyan music concerts outside of Kenya.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the Kenya Diaspora Festival, an incredible event that celebrates Kenya’s rich and diverse music culture. We can’t wait for music fans to come together for a night of unforgettable Kenyan entertainment,” said Prince Otach.

Top Kenyan musicians set to perform at the festival include Otile Brown, Jua Cali, Femi One, Boutross, King Kaka and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Sarah Ikumu. A1, born Phineas Waweru, whose hit single ‘Latest Trends’ reached number two on the UK Top 40 charts, will also perform at the festival.

According to a statement from Mr Otach, Kenyan music lovers will be treated to unforgettable entertainment at the festival, which aims to bridge the cultural gap between Kenya and the UK.

“…by providing an excellent opportunity to connect members of the Kenyan Diaspora to their homeland through the power of music.

The concert promises to bring together both the Kenyan Diaspora and the wider UK community in a celebration of Kenya’s rich heritage, a truly collective experience.

Music lovers can expect a night of exceptional performances that will provide a truly memorable experience and an excellent platform to showcase Kenya’s rich and diverse music culture to the international market and place Kenya on the global music stage.

Kenyan music has a rich and diverse culture that deserves to be recognised by the international market,” read part of the statement.

The Rugby Sevens after party will also see the aforementioned artists perform, and this time they will be joined by some of Kenya’s top UK-based disc jockeys. They include Febian, Otach, Cymoh, Sparks Johnie and Mugo Dee among others.

In an earlier exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Boutross told his fans to expect a wildcat at the festival and after party.

“I am pumped. This is something new for me. The fans at the event should just expect Boutross the Wildcat because on stage I’m always the person who gives the best energy, the craziest energy. So what I’m expecting from the guys is the same energy that I’m going to bring,” said Boutross in part.

Tickets for the after-party range from Sh4,500 for early birds to Sh150,000 for VIP tables of 10.

By Winnie Mabel



Top Kenyan Musicians To Perform at UK’s Biggest Diaspora Festival

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