Less Is More: We Can Achieve Our Goals If We Focus

Less Is More: We Can Achieve Our Goals If We Focus
Less Is More: We Can Achieve Our Goals If We Focus

Growing up, my mother had a habit of collecting shillings and cents from her pocket change. The act seemed so insignificant to me that I one day asked her to just give me the shillings so I could get myself some biscuits. She flatly refused, reiterating that she would use it later if necessary. Fast forward two decades later, I was not able to make a purchase because I was short by one shilling, merely one shilling!

The little things we overlook could bring the most significant breakthroughs into our lives. The shilling that I once thought didn’t add any value was the determinant of whether I would make a purchase or not. What we believe to be worthless could be the bridge to the miracles we are waiting to happen. There is no little money, no little idea, nor little time. Not a single person is insignificant. Everyone is important, everything counts, and the most important discoveries may come from the seemingly insignificant details we ignore.

Not so long ago a story was doing rounds of a security guard who landed their dream job after being of help to a stranger who ended up being their employer. Those we may consider insignificant could prove to be our greatest benefactors. It’s possible to walk past someone without saying hello, get lost, and then have to turn around to ask them for help. Sounds familiar? Connections start with a simple hello. A simple act of gratitude and appreciation could give birth to more. It is the little, basic things that make a big difference in our lives and give rise to more.


A little idea if embraced and worked upon will sure yield much. Perhaps an idea occurs to you, but you decide not to pursue it because it doesn’t seem worthwhile. However, if dwelled upon, it could be the source of greater ideas upon which an empire could be built. Have you ever dismissed an idea only to realize later that someone else was putting it into practice and you were the one who thought of it first? Don’t let such ideas pass you by again.

Time is critical and each second matters. Naturally, we use our resources less the more we assume we have and thus become wasteful. Time is no exception, but we should never allow it to pass because it seems so little. An athlete can break a record in just one second. You could miss your train by being one minute late. On the other hand, we can achieve unthinkable heights if we make the most of the limited time we have. Less is more;  and we can achieve our goals if we focus, make the most of what we have, and seize the moment—regardless of how little we have, how little time we have left, or how insignificant things may seem.

Impossible is Nothing!

By Liz Ekakoro Bore:Diaspora Messenger Contributor

Less Is More: We Can Achieve Our Goals If We Focus

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