CJ Koome Meets Ruto at State House defying Raila’s Advise

CJ Koome Meets Ruto at State House defying Raila's Advise
CJ Koome Meets Ruto at State House defying Raila’s Advise

Chief Justice Martha Koome has defied a warning issued by Azimio Leader Raila Odinga to engage President William Ruto over his sustained onslaught against the Judiciary.

Koome arrived at State House on Monday, January 22, for the talks led by President Ruto to iron out the contentious issues pitting the Executive and the Judiciary.

The news about their meeting was made public by State House Director of Public Communication Gerald Bitok.

“Chief Justice Martha Koome arrives at State House, Nairobi. This follows her calls for talks with the Executive and the Legislature which President William Ruto welcomed and embraced as move towards enhancing transparent and unhindered service to the people by all arms of government,” Bitok announced.

He however did not reveal who accompanied Chief Justice to the meeting with the Head of State at State House.

The meeting followed a letter which Koome wrote to President Ruto seeking to address concerns he raised against some judges.

Ruto welcomed calls for dialogue insisting that he would lead the talks.

“I am going to lead from the front in the conversation between the executive and the judiciary so that we can deal with the monster that is destroying our country and the corrupt who go to court,” he said.

However, the Opposition Leader Raila Odinga warned Koome against engaging Ruto insisting that it would compromise the Judiciary.

Raila insisted that the move would erode the public confidence of a just and independent judiciary.

“There is no need for the Judiciary to negotiate with President Ruto. The Chief Justice is talking about having a dialogue with the Executive, which is not an active case in the court, that is how to compromise justice. Let the judges do their things independently,” said the Azimio leader.

The former premier also condemned the President for disregarding the Judiciary, adding that there is an option to seek for appeal if one disagrees with a court ruling.

He also called on Kenyans to stand firm in protecting the Constitution.

By Jerry Njomo



CJ Koome Meets Ruto at State House defying Raila’s Advise

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