Kenya postpones President Ruto’s directive On Visa-free entry

Kenya postpones President Ruto’s directive On Visa-free entry
Kenya postpones President Ruto’s directive On Visa-free entry

The government on Tuesday, January 2, announced that it was postponing President William Ruto’s directive on Visa-free entries to Kenya to a yet to be announced date.

In a statement, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) noted that the alternative entry application model, the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system was yet to be fully developed.

As such, travellers visiting the country will still be required to apply for a Visa through Kenyan embassies, as has been the norm.

Officials at KCAA confirmed to the authenticity of the document, which read, “Following the presidential directive that Kenya will be a visa-free country from January 2024, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system is in the process of development and implementation.”

“All travelers coming to Kenya from countries that require visas shall continue applying for visas in the usual manner until the government communicates the change program to the ETA system,” the statement added.

The ETA system, according to government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura, is meant to control the influx of visitors once the visas are scrapped. Travellers will be charged Ksh4,600 during the application for the permit, an amount lower than Ksh7,600 for a single entry visa.

ETA systems also provide an extra layer of security and enhance efficiency in that they cut off unnecessary delays, facilitating the free movement of people across borders. Kenya is also expected to leverage Integrated border management systems at airports to curb illegal movements.

Nonetheless, details on how the authorities will monitor activity and deny entry to travellers who pose a threat to the country’s national security are yet to be revealed.

President William Ruto, on Jamhuri Day announced that Kenya was moving towards becoming a Visa-free country, whereby all international visitors would be granted access to the country.

While making his statement, President Ruto said that the move aligned with global aspirations to facilitate seamless travel between countries and boost the local Tourism industry.

A few weeks prior, Rwandese President Paul Kagame also announced that his administration was planning to abolish visa requirements for all African nations.



Not yet visa free…Foreigners visiting Kenya to continue applying for visas

Kenya postpones President Ruto’s directive On Visa-free entry

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