Milestones: Kenya Discovers Rare Mineral Used to Make Phones

Milestones: Kenya Discovers Rare Mineral Used to Make Phones
Milestones: Kenya Discovers Rare Mineral Used to Make Phones: Officials inspecting coltan mineral deposits discovered in Embu County on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya has discovered a rare and valuable coltan mineral, which is used in the manufacture of cell phones, laptops, and other communication gadgets.

The country hit milestones with Mining and Blue Economy Cabinet Secretary Salim Mvurya announcing the precious coltan mineral has been discovered in six counties.

Embu is among the countries that have been established to have the precious metal.

Speaking on Wednesday, January 24, the CS announced that President William Ruto’s administration has started accessing the value of the mineral.

“It is now official. We have coltan deposits in the country and we want to see how we can inspire the investors,” he said.

The CS said the government is determined to make the mining industry more vibrant for the benefit of the country.

He said more workers will be employed to assist in the exploration of the minerals which are spread across counties.

“Coltan is one of the most critical and strategic minerals used in manufacturing of technological gadgets including phones, cameras, electronics, semiconductors and computer amongst others. This discovery positions Kenya as an emerging titan in the arena of the global mining sector,” the ministry stated.

Its discovery is expected to help the country step up efforts in the manufacturing of market-friendly and affordable phones and other electronic gadgets.

It will also reduce the country’s dependence on imported electronic gadgets.

By Jerry Njomo




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Milestones: Kenya Discovers Rare Mineral Used to Make Phones


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