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CONTROVERSIAL Othaya MP Mary Wambui has once again sensationally claimed that she is still married to former President Mwai Kibaki. She was prompted by a former Mayor of Nairobi, Nathan Kahara, and a Kiambu MCA, Mburuti Kinuthia, who,…

Where is former first lady Lucy Kibaki?

NAIROBI, KENYA: After gracefully retiring, former President Kibaki has kept a relatively busy schedule unlike his wife Lucy – the former first lady – when in her true abrasive element. The last public official function Lucy attended was on…

Lucy misses Kibaki’s last day in office

Kenya: Out-going First Lady Lucy Kibaki missed the big event that marked her husband President Mwai Kibaki’s last day in office. Kibaki handed over instruments of power to the incoming leader President Uhuru Kenyatta thereby retiring as…

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