Equity bank declares most Diaspora accounts dormant


Equity Bank has placed most of its diaspora accounts in dormant status claiming  lack of transaction for a period of 6 consecutive months .Customers are forced to fill a dormant reactivation form and send it to a physical address in Kenya, a process that is cumbersome and inconveniencing plus a fee of 200.00 ksh. Here below is the notice from Equity Bank.

Please be advised that your above referenced account is now in dormant status.


An account is flagged dormant if there are no customer initiated transactions for a period of 6 consecutive months.


Please note that you will be able to make deposit transactions into the account, however withdrawals are not allowed in

the current status.


Should you want to re-activate your account, kindly fill a dormant reactivation form and send it to the physical address

below or through our agents.


Click on the link below to download a dormant reactivation form and to view our agents contacts.




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  1. orina shadrack says

    I request to activate my account no pliz because I have been outside the country then I deposited in my account.

  2. Denise mokenye says

    I have been outside for long pliz i would like to activate ma account

  3. Kenneth wainaina says

    I wish to activate my dormant account.how will i go about it

  4. Evalyn Akinyi James says

    I am out of country plzs l need to activet it plzs what should l do

  5. Evalyn Akinyi James says

    This is my number +254795679527what ups me plzs my email is not activate

  6. Diaspora Messenger says

    Naomi Kanage| Relationship Officer – The Americas.
    Equity Bank Kenya Limited
    Global Center – 4th Floor, Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani
    P.O. Box 103098-00101, Nairobi
    Office: 254 763 026 481
    Website: http://www.equitybankgroup.com

    1. Andrew Maina says

      I would like to renew my Visa card in Kenya Nairobi equity diaspora bank in kimathi street Nairobi.

  7. Amy says

    I want to activate my account please help me on how to go about it

  8. Beth Ngahu says

    I Want to update my account by mobile banking system .

  9. Beth Ngahu says

    Update my account by mobile banking

  10. Irene Wambui says

    How can i access my account. Am in Australia.

    1. Diaspora Messenger says


      Joki Gikang’a | Customer Service Manager

      Diaspora Banking .Equity Bank Kenya Limited

      Global Center . 4th Floor . Argwings Kodhek Road . Kilimani

      P.O. Box 103098-00101 . Nairobi

      Office: 254 763 026 481

      Email: Joki.Gikanga@equitybank.co.ke

      Website: http://ke.equitybankgroup.com/diaspora/

  11. Leah Gatebi says

    I would like to reactivate my account please am in uk .

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