Kenyan man accused of biting son in Arizona


A Chandler man was arrested on suspicion of biting his son on the arm and ear in an argument about money, police said.

Stephen Kinyanjui Karanja, 50, was booked on one charge of assault after the incident, which occurred about 10:15 p.m. Wednesday in the backyard of his Chandler residence.

Karanja, who police documents identified as "extremely intoxicated" at the time, slapped his son in the face when they were arguing.


Police documents say the suspect continued to slap and punch his son, who retaliated by pushing his father back.

According to police reports, Karanja then tackled his son and bit his left forearm. After his son got up, the suspect grabbed him from behind and bit his ear before letting him go, police said.

A witness called a friend to take the victim to the hospital. He only suffered minor scrapes to the elbow in addition to the bites. Karanja also had minor scrapes.

The suspect had a previous driving under the influence conviction, police say.

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