Miguna sends book on Raila to controversial US publisher


A damaging book on Prime Minister Raila Odinga by a former adviser is in the hands of an extremist right-wing American writer who was deported from Kenya four years ago.

Mr Jerome Corsi reported late last week on the website of conservative publishing firm WorldNetDaily (WND) that he had the “devastating” manuscript from Mr Miguna Miguna, which he claimed would threaten Mr Odinga’s presidential election prospects.

Mr Corsi is the author of the scurrilous right-wing treatise, The Obama Nation. He has made a career of feeding American racist and right-wing propaganda about President Barrack Obama and his Kenyan links.

Contacted by the Nation, Mr Miguna, confirmed on Sunday that his manuscript is with Corsi. (READ: Miguna’s fallout with Raila: the inside story)

He said he submitted the 800-page manuscript of the book which exposes the “culture of impunity and abuse of office” to the US firm after a local publisher who had expressed willingness to publish it beat a retreat, saying it could only come out after the next elections.

Mr Corsi had written in his online posting that the book could not be published in Kenya this year due to “politically motivated government censorship”. 

Mr Miguna said the book will be published this year in June, but sought to downplay Mr Corsi’s claims of censorship, saying it was his local publisher who developed cold feet.

“A major publisher in the country said the book could only be published after the next elections,” he said.

“They had promised it will be out between April and June, but when I went to sign the contract, they said it could only come out after the next elections perhaps fearing the effect it would have on Raila.

“As a writer, you are always looking for a publisher who will give you the best,” he added.

Mr Odinga is among key leaders who have declared their intentions to succeed President Kibaki when his term at State House runs out at the end of December.

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, deputy PMs Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi, Eldoret North MP William Ruto, Narc Kenya boss Martha Karua, assistant minister Peter Kenneth and former minister Raphael Tuju are also gunning for the presidency.

Political fortunes

Mr Corsi wrote on the WND website that the book contained details of meetings and other transactions put together from records Mr Miguna obtained while working for the PM.

He said he has been in continual contact by email and telephone with Mr Miguna since receiving the manuscript two weeks ago.

He reports Mr Miguna saying that the book “will completely change Odinga’s political fortunes and ultimately, the political panorama in Kenya.”

Odinga and his supporters will attempt to dismiss the book as the angry retaliation of a scorned adviser.

“But anyone who reads the manuscript will see Miguna has written a thoughtful memoir reflecting not just on Odinga’s failings, but more importantly on the political challenges facing Kenya as seen by an in-person participant in the politics of Kenya during the era of Obama, the first son of Kenyan descent to reach the presidency in the United States,” he wrote in his article.

Mr Odinga sacked Mr Miguna on August 4 last year, citing intimidation of other employees in his office. (READ: Raila kicks out key aide)

The sacking triggered a tirade from Mr Miguna who accused the PM of being anti-change and a leader who could not be trusted.

He was reinstated in December last year but declined to take up the job claiming that it was meant to stop him from publishing a damning book on the PM. (READ: Miguna declines job recall)

Mr Corsi said the book contains dozens of anecdotes of Mr Odinga’s alleged failings, including accusations of corruption and witchcraft.

The right-wing US writer devotes much of his article to making links between President Obama and Mr Odinga.






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