4 Reasons Why TV Presidential Debate Is A Horrible Idea for Kenya

While the TV Presidential debate is a first for Kenya, I still think it’s an awful idea and I am not mincing my words as I declare this! Granted, it’s an idea whose time has come but from the looks of things, Kenyans aren’t prepared to deliver something quality.
The Kenyan version of the presidential debate will be a complete disaster because of a couple of factors I do not believe anyone has taken into account. And what is shocking to me is that those sensible enough to see the pitfalls have kept quiet leaving the job of spotting the antelope to me and as Ngugi wa Thiong’o said, the antelope hates more he that pointed it out than he that shot it with bow and arrow.

And given this fact, I have no choice but to leave diplomacy at the door and jump right in.

#4. There are still far too many clowns still in the running for President.
There are too many jokers pretending for the seat of power and these harlequins are still in the field. So we’ll have a debate of 20+ candidates and some of these fellows won’t make it to the ballot papers. Even a few of those that do will get what? 3,000 votes? Come on!

#3. The sheer number of the debators
So how will it work hmm? In the American debate, there were only two candidates yet both wanted to get in the last word and that at times resulted in nothing but noise. Well, in Kenya, even if we chisel and whittle the field down to just the leading contenders, what you have is a classroom of children making alot of noise.

#2. The moderators
While I have no problem with the moderators, the truth is, they aren’t the best we could have picked. Not while we have John Sibi-Okumu, Richard Chacha, Jeff Koinange. Come on, if this debate is going to work, we need everyone to be the best. The best moderators, the best cameras crew etc.

#1. The quality of debators
The debators are Kenyan politicians. Enough said. Kenyan MPs save for Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua aren’t eloquent. I would hate to have to be subjected to an hour of incessant noise.

That is Uncle Chim Tuna’s humble opinion.







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