Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri gun licence withdrawn


The government has withdrawn Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri’s firearm licence.

The Chief Firearms Licencing Officer Mr D B Yaah gave the TNA MP 14 days to return four weapons in his possession.

The guns include a revolver, a shotgun and two rifles.

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The order came a day after a scuffle between the MP and Traffic Officer Inspector Maria Mutheu. The first time MP was later charged with six counts of assault and traffic related offences.


Mr Ngunjiri is to hand over the firearms to any police station he so wishes failure to which police will forcefully seize the firearms.

Unhappy with the decision, the Bahati MP has moved to court to contest Yaah’s order saying it would greatly compromise his security.

The MP accused the Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo and the Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku of of

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