Job Opportunity:US Citizens that can Read, Write and Speak fluent Acholi


mini-acholi-e1409180637209Job opportunity for US Citizens that can read, write and speak fluent Acholi. This is a paid position in Entebbe, Uganda to be a translator for the US Military. The position is a one year contract with compensation of USD $75,000 dollars. Please note this position is only open to US Citizens and not US Permanent Residents. Ugandan Citizens are not eligible and will not be considered unless they are US Passport holders.

Working with the US Military in Entebbe, Uganda as an interpreter

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Languages:  Acholi

–  Language Proficiency:  3/3 (verbal, Written) out of 5

–  Salary:  $75,000 (all of it being tax free if you stay the full year)

–  Incentive Payments:  CAT II: $5K @ 6 months, $5K @ 12 months

–  Hardship Duty Pay:  30% of base salary

–  Relocation:  N/A (living on military base, meals provided as well)

Contact email — [email protected]



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