New envoys speak on President Uhuru’s appointments: Githae, Kiema


Uhuru PIXRobinson Githae – Kenya’s Ambassador to Washington DC, USA “I was watching the news on TV, when I saw the breaking news. I was not really expecting it, but I was extremely happy. I want to thank the President from the deepest point in my heart for this big honour.

“We have just been nominated, so we still have a long way to go, with the parliamentary confirmations coming up. It will be better to wait. “Of course there are new and emerging issues in the world, and in our relations with the US, but we will get a full brief from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade so that we have a full brief. “I am happy that the President remembers me. But let me tell you, the President does not forget his friends.” Kiema Kilonzo – Kenya’s Ambassador to Ankara, Turkey

“I was at Capital Club listening to Jazz. Thursday is Jazz night. I got a text message from one of my friends, Kimani, saying “Congratulations!” I texted back: “For What?” But my phone could not stop ringing. So, as I looked at it, it kept ringing and messages kept coming in. I didn’t pick up. When there was a pause, I had 147 text-messages, around 30 missed calls; and 90 messages on WhatsApp.

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“I picked it up and many of them were congratulating me. I want to thank the President for having so much confidence in me. I am deeply humbled. I spoke to people but they did not even hint that this thing was coming up that night. “While it is too early to start thinking about the agenda, we have the parliamentary hearings on the way, I will just want to say that economic diplomacy is one of the things that Jubilee has been pursuing and it is something that I also want to pursue.”

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