Diaspora Policy and Imposters in Nairobi.

The Kenya Diaspora has experienced highest strides under the Jubilee governance than it had witnessed in over 50years. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration has demonstrated that his leadership is action oriented. His commitment to the welfare of Kenyans from all walks of life is truly commendable.

Fast-tracking the Diaspora policy one year after getting in to office, reinforcing the Constitutional requirement that the Diaspora must be allowed to vote for leaders of their choice in 2017. Creating an enabling environment for us to drive OUR OWN Cars even after leaving our host Countries, and to transfer money using competitive methods. All in less than two years in Office; is a sincere Demonstration by the President and his administration of how he appreciates the Diaspora.

Numerous mistakes have been sighted in the Diaspora policy. This is no secret. Some of the mistakes are Cosmetic or can be corrected. By advising the President to hand over such an important Policy document to Shem Ochuodho, the Foreign Ministry Officials charged with this responsibility are either working for the opposition against the Jubilee agenda, are corrupt, or  are outright incompetent.

Kenyans in the Diaspora must be involved directly through the established government, STRUCTURES’’ Embassies and subsequently Identified Bona fide Diaspora representatives.

Shem Ochuodho ”domiciled in Karen’’ which for all practical purposes is in Kenya; is an imposter in Diaspora matters. He has a criminal record, a 2000 3years jail term at Kodiaga Maximum Prison for Criminal acts, sentenced by A Homa bay Court. A Criminal case of abuse of office as Chair of Kenya Pipe line ‘’allegedly; for stealing KSHS. 287 Million. These are just a few of his cases. Yet No one in the Ministry found it appropriate for Him to be vetted before sending his name to the President.

The IEBC must also tell the Diaspora why they have engaged an Imposter on a case that has been overtaken by events.  Shem Ochuodho is in breach of the Laws of Kenya for impersonating the Diaspora. He is not our spokesperson in this case. He should be requested to produce an appointment letter, Election returns or a nomination with fully credentialed panels of returning officers; before he can be heard next time he gets in to Court. Locus Standi’’ is a Legal requirement that he must satisfy.

Handing the diaspora policy to shame was an oversight. This must be cured with an appropriate action. There has never been a Diaspora Election, appointment or nomination for a diaspora representative. Ochuodho and his sycophants therefore do not qualify as a diaspora spokesperson/s, leave alone President of the Diaspora.

The Diaspora policy should be kept with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diaspora Office, until the Newly Posted Ambassadors settle down, engage the Diaspora groups and advise the Ministry and Government.

Boogeymen in USA claiming to be KDA representatives are supporting characters with questionable backgrounds based in Nairobi, for individual interests. KDA is not the Diaspora, its 5 members or so, have never been elected. They are self-serving.

We will not allow any imposters to derail a policy that will benefit over 500,000 USA Diaspora members and thousands others elsewhere. Shem and his group must stay away from Diaspora issues.  Kenyans in the Diaspora will work with their respective Embassies to identify bona fide people’s representatives. Until then, the IEBC, Judiciary, Attorney General, The President’s office and the Ministry of Foreign affairs must not betray the President’s Good intentions by engaging with Imposters.

By John M kamau

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