Bahati apologises to President and Kenyans for siting on Uhuru’s seat during Jubilee performance

Bahati is seen here seated on Uhuru Kenyatta’s seat while serenading the First Lady Photo:Willis Awandu

After taking his showbiz jokes too far by ‘unseating’ President Uhuru Kenyatta and even resting in the President’s official seat during the Jubilee Party launch in Kasarani on Saturday, Bahati has finally responded to a social media backlash from the, saying he is apologetic.

“The truth is I got really emotional and whatever I did could have gone out of hand. I truly love the President and I was only acting like a child would with a father.

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I am truly sorry to the President and all Kenyans who felt I did something wrong,” Bahati told MondayBlues.

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