The nature of a woman: A man’s hopeless perspective.

There is no gathering of men that is absent of mention of a woman. That is the blessing and curse of the human race. The common saying is, of women, “you can’t live without them and you cannot live with them”. It is what is commonly known as being “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” A respected seminary president once preached in the chapel about what he, ‘called the hardest principle in the bible for men to follow.’ Jesus said, “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart .” He noted that the statement does not say: who ever looks at another person; rather, it specifically focuses on men!

After a well analyzed case of biblical morality, he concluded by saying, “that is why we all need to confess to God for salvation.” He argued that the above issue alone disqualifies every son of Adam from inheriting the Kingdom of God. Why, because as St. Paul argues, in order for a person to self-justify and qualify for the kingdom of God without the Cross, he or she must fulfill the letter of the law. This means going at exactly 55 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour speed limit. Any .o1 above the speed limit is breaking the law. Thus, given the absolute nature of God’s law, we cannot qualify under our own morality. Thus the death of Christ on the cross.

What was telling about the Seminary president was  his synthesis, “Even I my brothers have been disqualified! I constantly look at beautiful women. And many times I have desired to just make them mine, even when with my wife!” This statement gave relief to the seminarians training to be pastors and shepherds of the flock of Christ.

It is therefore a matter of fact that men have this instinct to chase women. But one thing that all men agree on is that no man can understand the inner workings of women. Therefore a certain guy asked his friends for advice on matters women. And in this popular statement he describes the core of the matter.

He says, “You cannot give a woman everything she needs. If God Himself gave them eyebrows and they shave it and draw their own. God gave them nails; they cut it off and fix their own. He gave them breasts; they repackage it to the size and shape they desire. God gave them lips and every morning they paint them with different colors. If even God cannot satisfy them, then who are you to think you can?’

Silence, then, then.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (Ph.D)

HTBluff Associates


Diaspora messenger Senior Columnist.

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