Celebrated TV Anchor Kanze Dena Appointed Deputy State House Spokesperson


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Celebrated TV Anchor Kanze Dena Appointed Deputy State House SpokespersonVeteran TV anchor Beatrice Kanze Dena has been appointed by President Uhuru as the Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU).

But Kanze’s journey has not been easy, experiencing loss and pain along the way.

In an interview with Maisha Magic’s Story Yangu segment, Dena opened up about the pain of losing her first born daughter Natasha.

Dena revealed that she was working as a waitress when she got pregnant.

“Nilikuwa nachonga viazi vya chips, halafu sasa nikavuka counter kufanya kazi ya waiter” laughed Dena.

However, her boyfriend took to his heels soon after getting her pregnant.  “When I got pregnant, he ran away and I was left alone” she narrated.

Dena kept the pregnancy a secret and her mother only knew about the child after it was born.

After giving birth to Natasha, Dena wanted to give the baby out for adoption but her mum convinced her not to. Natasha went to stay with her grandmother in Mombasa as Dena resumed her Media studies in Nairobi.

“I was allowed to go back to college and sit for my final exams. After the exams I went to stay with my Aunt, while doing some hustle here and there.”

Three months after baby Natasha’s birth, Dena’s aunt informed her that she needs to travel home urgently.

Upon her arrival, she found a large crowd gathered at her home. “Nikashangaa ni nini. Hisia zangu zikaniambia nikimbie ndani ya nyumba nione kunaendelea nini” an emotional Dena stated.

Kanze Dena Photo: Courtesy

Upon entering the house, Dena found her baby lying on the bed with a smile on her face. “Nilidhani amelala”, said Dena amid sobs.

She was informed that baby Natasha had passed away the previous night but had not shown any signs of illness.

Kanze Dena Photo: Courtesy

“I began questioning God why he had prevented me from giving up the baby for adoption only to take her away from me,” stated Kanze Dena as tears rolled down her cheeks. The incident broke her so much and she plunged into depression. “It made me feel like God was punishing me.”

Beatrice Kanze Dena is a single mother who co-parents with her 6-year-old sons’ dad.

Kanze Dena Photo: CourtesyBy 



Source the standard Newspaper

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