US deports 104 Kenyans in less than two years

The US has deported 104 Kenyans between 2017 and early 2018.

The data is contained in the latest update of America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detainees and dated December 2017.

Between January and September 2017, 94 people were exiled while another 8 were brought back within October 2017 and January 2018.

The highest number was in May when 15 Kenyans were deported.

According to the data, top convictions include assault, forgery, domestic violence, fraud and driving under the influence of liquor.

In general, 2160 Kenyans have been deported from the US since 2003 out of the 44,435 people deported from the US in the same period.

This means about 5 per cent of those deported from the US are Kenyans.

Highest numbers were recorded in 2010 where 226 people were deported.

The data further shows 67 Kenyan Citizens are detained in the US prisons over immigration and customs misconduct.

Cameroon leads among African countries with 294 inmates, Eriteria second with 257, Nigeria 250, Somalia 205, Liberia 135, Guinea 113, Ghana 103, DRC 101, Gambia 83, Ethiopia 69.

Source the-star

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