VIDEO: We smoked bhang with Waititu in a toilet-Governor Sonko


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has claimed that he used to smoke marijuana in a toilet alongside Kiambu Govenor Ferdinand Waititu.

Appearing on Jeff Koinange Live, Sonko made the shocking confession while responding to a video of Governor Waititu taking a jibe at him over the move to phase out 14-seater matatus.

“Ajue Nairobi ni ya kila mtu. Hiyo maneno ya kuamka asubuhi na kutoa order kwa mali ya watu, wananchi wamekataa…” (He should know Nairobi is everyone’s. This issue of waking up and issuing orders on other people’s property has been rejected by citizens) Waititu said.

In his rejoinder, Governor Sonko implied that Governor Waititu’s utterances were as a result of smoking too much bhang.

“I think he used to smoke a lot of bhang when he was an MP. I’m a witness to this.  We used to go to a certain toilet there. We used to smoke a lot of bhang with this guy.

“In fact, he was hiding bhang in the socks,” claimed Sonko.

“You can’t say that live on air, we don’t have evidence,” interjected Jeff.

“I have evidence, we used to smoke with him. I stopped smoking but he still smokes,” Sonko added.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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