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Miguna and Ndii Face-Off Over Authenticity of Raila’s Degree

Miguna Miguna and David Ndii

Firebrand lawyer cum politician, Dr. Miguna Miguna, and controversial economist, Dr. David Ndii, took on each other over the authenticity of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s engineering degree.

In his tweet, Miguna, a frequent critic of the former prime minister, suggested that Raila’s certificate does not count as the university he studied in had not been accredited at the time.

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“That was not an ACCREDITED university or technical institute in East Germany in the 1960s when Raila purportedly graduated from there. In addition, that school did not have an engineering faculty in the 1960s. Raila must come up with better lies.” Miguna responded to a tweet questioning Raila’s credentials.

An undated photo of Raila Odinga

Ndii came to the AU envoys defense by posting a list of several other prominent alumni of Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg, in Germany, with the sarcastic caption, “Looks like Raila is not the only prominent person who studied at the non-existent university.”

According to Otto Von Guericke University, Raila graduated with a degree in Manufacturing (Mechanical) engineering.

It is here where Miguna claimed to have visited ‘Raila Odinga’s village polytechnic’ and confirmed that he was never awarded a Diploma (German for degree).

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Miguna also put it out there that many prominent Germans who also had their degrees revoked for fraud.

The fight that started over Raila’s credentials quickly deteriorated to Miguna defending his Dr. title as Ndii took him to task about it.

Ndii went on to suggest that Miguna’s Law degree also known as JD (Juris Doctor in Canada) does not equate to a Ph.D. so he was unfit to call himself Dr.

“Leadership integrity is judged in the court of public opinion, not in the court of law. Now on academic credentials, my understanding is Canadian JD has the academic standing of a second undergrad degree. Your Alma Mater offers both JD and Ph.D. Is it customary for Canadian JD’s to use Dr. title?” Ndii questioned.

Unsurprisingly, Miguna sprang to the defense of his doctor title noting, “A JD is a GRADUATE DEGREE. One gets it AFTER graduating with a first degree. There is another graduate degree that you have omitted – it is an SJD. In North America, a JD, SJD, and Ph.D. holders are free to use “Dr.” as a designation after their names if they so choose.”

Daniel Mwaniki@DanDanielMwanik

So Ndii from Limuru is defending Raila from attacks by Miguna from Siaya?

David Ndii


Looks like Raila is not the only prominent person who studied at the non-existent university.

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