Kenyan MPs – Dishonourable, Greedy, Immoral and Unpatriotic

Kenyan MPs – Dishonourable, Greedy, Immoral and Unpatriotic

A Kenyan man in London is very angry with the Kenyan members of Parliament for awarding themselves Sh18,200 night allowance each. In a article posted on, the Kenyan man goes off on the MPs in some very harsh language. Here is the post below:

There must be reserved in hell a very hot section specifically to accommodate the gluttonous and despicable 416 Kenyan MPs.

Here is cabal of carnivores whose greed has surpassed by far the definition of the word.

They remain so disconnected with those whose taxes and toil underwrites the opulence they’ve become accustomed to, and are not yet content. How can a Kenyan MP justify the salaries and allowances they receive? On average each Kenyan MP enjoys a monthly salary of about Kshs. 1.378 million or about 46,000 shillings a day. Now they want MORE.

The new night allowance they now wish to be paid ranges between Kshs 18,200- 24,000 per night. For the 416 honourables (a better word for them should be deplorables), this may mean a monthly cost of over 100 million to the taxpayer or 1.2 billion a year; enough to employ 1500 nurses at a monthly pay of Kshs.65,000.

These are the same individuals who only recently granted themselves Kshs.250,000 monthly in house allowance notwithstanding the generous 20 million, 3% mortgage that each is entitled to; in addition to a car loan of up to 7millions, and mileage allowance at 109 shillings a kilometre for up to 3000 kilometres a month (working out to a whopping Kshs 327,000 per month.) These insatiable jackals are also entitled to a sitting allowance of between Sh5,000 and Sh8,000.

This is legalised robbery. Those who indulge in robbery are called robbers! When you have a country’s laws being passed by robbers, it should be unreasonable to expect anything good to come out of it. Robbers can only act to facilitate and justify looting and robbery.

The sorry state of our country represents correctly the decaying and gluttonous character of those elected to make it better. The irony is the incompetence of these baboons. What do they earn the money for? They are largely a bunch of unproductive idlers and charlatans. It is lamentable that Kenyan MPs earn more than lawmakers in the US, Germany, Japan and Britain, all far wealthier countries with economies multiple times bigger than ours. That these imbeciles are still looking for ways to balloon further their already exploding pay check shames them all. Financed by an overburdened taxpayer.

How is our country better off on account of them? Unemployment is nearly 30%, (the under employed perhaps higher), decaying infrastructure, hunger; insecurity, underpaid health and education employees, alcohol and drugs ravaging our young people and sending them to the grave early. Yet these elected morons in sharp suits and wide mouths are busy crisscrossing the country in readiness for 2022.

I am for peace at all times. However, I now fear that at some stage, methods other than peace shall be deployed by the angry and fed up taxpayers and citizens to pump sense into the largely empty heads of these most vile of creatures, which even Lucifer may struggle to accommodate in hell, in case they demand to be generously paid to be there, but at least they shall be there… Then shall Kenya be free to start rebuild itself.

Any Kenyan MP who doesn’t oppose and decline this legalised stealing AND LOOTING of Kenyan taxpayers’ money need to hang his head in shame and deserve not to be an MP. 

By Alex Kamau wa Ikui , London-[email protected]

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