Raila’s Confidant Narrates How Heart Attack Messed His Life


Raila’s Confidant Narrates How Heart Attack Messed His Life: National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya, on Monday, opened up on the stress he endured after he suffered a heart attack in May.

Taking to Twitter, the tough-talking politician revealed that he was forced to change his lifestyle due to the financial burden he accrued in the hospital.

According to Magaya, who was appointed a board member of the Kenya Films and Classification Board on September 2018, his insurance cover did not do much to salvage his situation.

Magaya, nonetheless, stated that he had learned from the experience and that he was confident of overcoming his medical condition.

Raila visits Norman Magaya in hospital

‘Nothing puts your life on a freeze like a heart attack! Complete lifestyle change! Your medical insurance cover becomes a big joke! Your finances get completely messed up. I have learnt tough lessons. But hey am a son of God! I will overcome!” Magaya recounted.

Many Kenyans thronged his social media page with uplifting messages of recovery.

“Indeed you have already overcome this in the name of Jesus. Kenya as a nation needs your bravery both in terms of brain, mind and action,” Creespine Musu commented.

Another Tweep, Bernard Busuulwa posted, “way to go, brother. A positive attitude is the most important remedy for any life-threatening disease! Without it, doctors’ efforts are easily rendered useless. Strong community understanding of your condition also makes recovery easier for critically ill people!”

Magaya, a lawyer by profession, is a close aide of ODM leader Raila Odinga and was part of the legal team that successfully petitioned Uhuru Kenyatta‘s August 8, 2017 victory.

He is known to take on anyone opposed to the Opposition and its ideals, a trait that probably cost him a position in the East African Legislative Assembly after he was nominated by NASA but got rejected by Parliament.

File photo of Raila Odinga consulting with Norman Magaya


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