VIDEO: Breakthrough as Kenyan organization acquires big tract of land in USA


VIDEO: Breakthrough as Kenyan organization acquires big tract of land in USA

Final walk and signing of documents after KCFA purchased 74.4 acres of land in cash in Norlina NC. The process was lead by Dr Joseph Okello President of KCFA among other leaders.

Kenya Christian Fellowship in America is a Christian Organization that was founded by Dr. Joe Karogi in 1991. The mission of KCFA is to proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior to all people of the world and in particular to the people of Kenyan descent in USA. It also seeks to develop and enhance Christian fellowship among the Kenyans in North America;

Every year, KCFA brings together hundreds of Kenyans for a national conference  that congregates at James Madison University in Virginia during the fourth of July weekend. After meeting at JMU for a long time,the National board of KCFA decided to establish a place of their own where the facility can be used to host all Kenyan events.

The process of buying the land stated in January 2019 and by December 2019,the organization had managed to raise all the money needed and ready to close the deal. 19th December 2019 was historical day as KCFA leaders came together for the signing ceremony and the 74.4 acres of land in Norlina North Carolina become a property of KCFA and in extension a property of Kenyans in America.

VIDEO: Breakthrough as Kenyan organization acquires big track of land in USA

Appreciation and congratulations goes to Dr. Okello, the current president of KCFA and all the leaders who participated in the campaign to raise the needed funds. Also, there are many Kenyans who contributed towards the project and deserve appreciation.

Kudos to KCFA and to God be the Glory!

By Isaac Kariuki,former chairman of KCFA Washington DC chapter and founder of

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