Kenyans have Instincts: Chinese view Africans as “lower” creatures


Kenyans have Instincts: Chinese view Africans as “lower” creatures

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Kenyans are not Technical: But they have Instincts: Many young people growing up in African are able to find their way in the dark. Historically, Africans do not need flashlights to point where they are walking. This has made them very good in ‘seeing in the dark.” In my village, you will not see people walking around with torches even when they have them. The reason is simple: If you turn on your lights, the thief or some hooligan will spot you far away and can wait for you. Therefore, we walk using the learned instincts. In an article written in Yahoo, Africans are shown to be aware of their problems with China. The title is, “China has failed to convince anyone videos of Africans being evicted is just a misunderstanding.”

Africans have instincts. This is true even in issues relating to relationships, economics, social, and even politics. The pollsters who conduct polls in Kenya for example use methodologies developed in western nations. Some of the sage in my village smell the problem, “how do they know that 60% will vote for so and so? They did not even call us”, they wonder. We do not have Doppler radar to pinpoint through complicated computers how much rain to expect in a specific minute. But historically, we have been able to look up in the sky and know the season for planting.

This is not to suggest that modern technology is not a necessary tool that Kenyans can use. Rather, it is to inform those who seek to swindle us that we may not have modern technology, but God in His wisdom knew we needed help. He knew for example that the blind would need help to survive. The first time I saw a blind person was when a stranger was brought to our house. He had come to the hospital and when it got dark, the dentist asked him whether he had a place to sleep. He answered by telling him, “I know the radio pastor who I listen to every Sunday at 3pm. You can take me to his place. He is my pastor.” The man had come from Kisumu to Kijabe hospital and landed in our home. My mother made him some chai and informed him that my father will be coming soon.

When my father came around 8pm I discovered that he did not know my father. He just listened to him on the radio. Sitting there and listening to him he got the family accordion and led us in worship that evening. I could not believe that this blind man could play an accordion! My good friend Kamau was another blind young man who showed me how important music was. Though he was blind, he was an incredible guitarist and challenged me to learn guitar, piano, keyboard, and accordion.

In the same light, God has given Africans senses that the developed world does not have. We have great instincts and we are great judges of friends and enemies. We know when someone is genuine and when he or she is fake. My mother could smell hypocrisy from a distance. She passed on those genes to my wonderful sisters.

The article in Yahoo news noted that China is trying hard to show the incidents of racism as, “just a small misunderstanding.” But Africans know better. For example Kenyans are beginning to see that we have a problem. I for one did not know that before the Coronavirus, Kenya was importing 90% of frozen fish from China. It is also known that China is not just building our roads, there are those who are in the country to steal our natural resources. We have to mention the fact that Chinese nationals view Africans as “lower” creatures and that is why they beat our people. Kenyans are not blind to the way the Chinese have treated them since our government sold our country for roads. Roads whose material is from Kenya! Not to say that Kenyan contractors could have done better, we know our contractors are corrupt. But what do you call what is going on with Chinese companies in Kenya?

Though African governments treat their citizens with impunity, Kenyans have seen that these Chinese relationships may not be worth the pain. Kenyans know that China has no respect for them. They theorize that if they could be allowed, they would have them hanging in the Wuhan wet markets: Have you seen the markets? They eat bats for goodness sake! Who eats bats, dogs, and rats?

God knew that Africans would be discriminated against. That is why he gave us instincts to detect predators. I hope we can use these instincts for the sake of our children’s future.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


Kenyans have Instincts: Chinese view Africans as “lower” creatures


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