A “Bastard” who became somebody: Christine Muchene’s predicament and feelings

A "Bastard" who became somebody: Christine Muchene's predicament and feelings
Christine Muchene-PHOTO/COURTESY.  A “Bastard” who became somebody: Christine Muchene’s predicament and feelings

Known as Madame President by many in America, Christine Muchene is one who speaks her mind whether it pleases or not as long as she feels that it is right and good for the community or those she love loves. With her motherly love,she penned a father’s day message which was mostly meant to encourage single mothers and single fathers who are always left out during mother’s day or father’s day. Read below and be encouraged about the “Bastard” who became somebody:

**Mother cum daddy
Every year on fathers day I hear a lot about single  mothers who through a myriad  circumstances  find themselves raising kids  by themselves. I have also heard on mothers day *single  fathers who have raised their kids being honored. However sensitive this topic could be, I wish to air my own predicament and feelings.

I was born some 63 years ago by a single parent who sacrificed everything under the sun to see that I got the best in life. I owe all that I am and have to her.(may she continue resting with the angels). Did I miss the biological father whom to this day I have never met? From what I read from those privileged to be raised by both parents, I have missed a lot and I still do. Monetary support is shy of the missed love of a father.

I used to be  bullied in school for using my mother’s name as my surname. Clever me, in high school I opted to use my grandfather’s name. All this done to calm down the voices then,  which even had the audacity to call me a “bastard!”. Check it up. To make me feel better, I coined Charles Mangua’s book ” Son of a woman” to address myself as daughter of a woman. God made man and woman with different roles. The love of a father cannot replaced by  the love of a mother and vice versa.

The short of the Long, I beseech the single mothers, to  make a point of introducing and connecting their children to their biological fathers however useless they might be unless the child was born through incest.  If I could get a chance, I would look for my biological father and give him a hug. I would look for familiar features I got from him. I know his blood runs in mine hence the fondness. Unfortunately, I learned late in life that he passed on before my mother.

I know many raised by both parents are wondering what I am driving to. Father’s day is for fathers present or absent. Likewise mothers day is for mothers. LET US KEEP IT THAT WAY.

Written by a “bastard” who became a somebody-Christine Muchene is an alumni of Precious blood,she says that the school protected and modeled her to what she is today. She scored a 1st division in the class of 1975.

May the Name of the Lord be praised now and forever. Amen.

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A “Bastard” who became somebody: Christine Muchene’s predicament and feelings


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