VIDEO: Kenyan Grandmother Threatens To Beat Up A Chinese Woman

VIDEO: Kenyan Grandmother Threatens To Beat Up A Chinese Woman

VIDEO: Kenyan Grandmother Threatens To Beat Up A Chinese Woman
75-year-old Jane Nyambura and a Chinese girl whom she threatened to beat upFILE

75-year-old Jane Nyambura’s plight has caught the attention of many Kenyans who watched a video in which she threatened to beat up a Chinese national in Kariminu, Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County. Sorry the video above is in vernacular language.

The short clip which has since gone viral across social media channels was obtained from an interview with a vernacular TV station.

The source of Nyambura’s anger was the delayed payment for land that has been compulsorily acquired by the government for the construction of Kariminu Dam which is being undertaken by a Chinese contractor.

“Please warn that lady for me because so help me God I will beat her up,” she kept repeating, pointing at the Chinese national.

The government had promised to pay her over Ksh3 million but the money had not hit her account more than 7-months later.

She took her anger out on the Chinese lady who is said to have been associated with the firm which was undertaking the construction.

The grandmother had stormed into the site accompanied by her sons and other villagers in demanding the delayed payment.

They interrupted the construction works claiming that the delay had caused them to be evicted from the land they had settled on since they were waiting for the compensation to purchase a new piece of land.

“We have been taken for granted because they always postpone the payments every time we ask. They told us to produce legal documents which we did but nothing was forthcoming,” said one of Nyambura’s sons.

It took the intervention of the area chief and other leaders to calm the disgruntled residents who were then assured that the payment would be made in a week’s time.

“I was extremely angry because I had not been paid. Now that I have been assured that the money will be paid soon I have no reason to remain angry,” she said after local government officials assured her of prompt payment.

Ksh 2.2 billion had been allocated to compensate landowners who would have to surrender their 429-acre parcel to the government in the second phase. 

During phase one, Ksh1.3 billion was spent to compensate residents for 157 acres.



VIDEO: Kenyan Grandmother Threatens To Beat Up A Chinese Woman

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