Optiven Interventions Spread Water Accessibility

Optiven Interventions Spread Water Accessibility
Optiven Limited

Water is life is an adage that we are all familiar with because it is at the center of everything necessary for human survival. As the world celebrates the International Day for Water, we are keen to support the infrastructure to ensure that this important resource is available for all our customers.

George Wachiuri, CEO at Optiven Group says, “as is now common with all our projects, Optiven Real Estate ensures that the properties are prepared for a ready to build environment which includes all the enablers to help our customers build their dream homes. However we understand that this is not possible if there is no water.”

His sentiments mirror the smiles of the hundreds of customers who are happy with the water installations in the different projects. Speaking to a number of investors in real estate, the absence of water on a project presents a very disturbing challenge because it makes everything else stop in terms of development.

This coupled with other value additions such as greening of the project is what has enabled Optiven to grow in the real estate sector. Wachiuri says “Optiven provides exceptional greening of the properties to improve healthy living on the projects. We plant trees ready for our customers under our intentional #GoGreen initiative which also means we need water.

We are working with our customers to make their future living secure by encouraging them to use environmentally friendly building techonologies. And because of climatic change, the future is here so we must accept the call to live with our environment in mind as a priority. 

It is for this reason that we have encouraged and continue to advise our customers to embrace green living by the type of construction they engage in, their plans for future water harvesting as well as waster management and providing developments that will help our future through environmental sustainability. Optiven Real Estate has installed a solar-intelligent water fountain on it’s Kiambu project that has changed the landscape in a big way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY0CXivW2N8

To date, customers have been able to build at the different projects thanks to the value additions. The situation on the ground is different as some customers are now well settled in the different projects. Among projects that have since been handed over to the residents owners association and with customers already staying on the project include Victory Gardens in Kitengela, Garden of Joy in Machakos and Amani Ridge in Kiambu among others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyy-9FYG8g0

Optiven Limited

But it is not just about the Optiven properties, but also the communities living in the areas we have invested. Through our Optiven Group Foundation, we continue to improve and empower the communities in the areas we have invested in. This, we have done by providing resources such as water in Ngatataek where our projects provide free water to the community.

And as the world celebrates the World Water Day, the theme is very key as it calls us to valuing water. Our future depends on secure water accessibility. It is our responsibility together because we all Value Water. Happy World Water Day.

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Optiven Interventions Spread Water Accessibility

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