How The Name Odinga has Gotten Me Into Trouble – Winnie Odinga

How The Name Odinga has Gotten Me Into Trouble - Winnie OdingaODM leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga has admitted that her father’s name has gotten her into trouble.  In a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday, November 15, Winnie noted that Odinga’s name had gotten her many things but it didn’t define who she was.

“The name Odinga has gotten me many things; the name Odinga has gotten me into trouble, it’s gotten me abused, blamed for many things, and persecuted, it has been a blessing and it’s a name that I will be proud of and defend. The name Odinga does not define Winnie,” Winnie told Citizen TV. 

Raila’s last-born daughter said that the name Odinga had been both a blessing and a difficulty in some situations.

“Being Raila’s daughter is a disadvantage because they don’t want to see what I am capable of doing. Being Raila’s daughter has enabled me to travel the world,” Winnie stated.

She also defended the ODM party for nominating her to the East African Legislative assembly (EALA) adding that she had the credentials.

“I am not going to EALA as a representative of the Odinga family. If that was the case, the Odinga family could have nominated me over dinner 2 days ago. I am going to represent the young people of Kenya and what I believe they are able to do,” Winnie said.

Asked what her father’s legacy will be, she said,” I think Raila’s endurance, resilience and his ability to always recreate himself, his ability to be selfless, to constantly fight for the betterment of Africa and African people will be his legacy.”



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How The Name Odinga has Gotten Me Into Trouble – Winnie Odinga


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