Wema Gardens By Optiven – The Place of Good Tidings

Wema Gardens By Optiven – The Place of Good Tidings
Wema Gardens By Optiven – The Place of Good Tidings


Wema Gardens, The Place of Good Tidings is a scenic location nestled in the Mt Kenya region offering stunning natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The silver level project is 400m off the tarmac and promises a return on investment with its agricultural and tourism potential. The strategic location near Nyeri, Nanyuki and Nairobi makes it an excellent place to set up businesses to cater for these markets.

In June, the project was a massive tree planting session where a minimum of 400 trees were planted across Wema Gardens in line with SDG 11 which aims to ensure sustainable cities as communities. That is one of the many other value additions that await the project as Optiven has already done the internal murram roads, a fence across the whole project, and a caretaker on site with the trees now in place. Water, Electricity and a state-of-the-art Optiven gate are underway as the place commands a strong holiday home along with Airbnb’s and potentially retirement homes.

The project sits between eye-catching scenes with My Kenya visible during sunrise and sunsets, the equator is just 11 miles away and the Aberdare Ranges offer a good location for weekend visits. The weather is a game changer with social amenities such as health centres, hotel industries and good infrastructure on site. Join in and be part of the Wema family

In September 2023,  Optiven Group will provide an opportunity for investors with Optiven to go home with an extra three thousand shillings. The cashback will be for any investments where the customers will redeem their investments with a one-off payment of three hundred thousand shillings.

The same campaign which was launched on 4th September 2023 will also benefit new customers investing in any of the projects within the Optiven portfolio. The campaign will run throughout September 2023 under “Ubingwa na Optiven.”

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Wema Gardens By Optiven – The Place of Good Tidings

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