Word of the Day:Resolutions should be followed up to the end.

When a child does something wrong and the mother threatens to punish him, the mother must live up to her word or else the child will repeat the same mistake again. Now, before we go any further, when I say ‘punish’ here, I’m not advocating for corporal punishment or something like that. A punishment can range from banning TV for a week to sending him to bed early, it depends on an individual. Children are just so brilliant, if you give an empty threat once, they will try you again by repeating the same mistake and when they notice that you are just full of empty talk, next time round they will be sure to give you the-“yeah right!” or- “whatever!” and that time, it’s going to be too late to actually do something.

Life resolutions are like small children. Resolutions are deaf to empty talk without action. Most of us often come up with a list of things that we want to accomplish within the next two days or in the next one year. We come up with master ideas and even brag to our friends about our grand plans; we get so excited and even have a vision of ourselves getting to that point. Unfortunately, that is as good as it gets. If you don’t live up to your word, your resolutions will only remain good while on paper and again, the best thing that you will get from that is-“whatever!” or “yeah right!”

Deuteronomy 23:23:You shall be careful to do what has passed your lips, for you have voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God what you have promised with your mouth…

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