Youtube Blogger, Moshe Ndiki in studio with John Robbie in 2015. Picture: Facebook.
Youtube Blogger, Moshe Ndiki in studio with John Robbie in 2015. Picture: Facebook.

Moshe Ndiki was publicly criticised for his sexuality by Edwin Mbugua on Monday.

JOHANNESBURG – YouTube blogger Moshe Ndiki has accused an employee at a Johannesburg web design company of hate speech, following a series of homophobic tweets.

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Edwin Mbugua took to social media yesterday to condemn MTV’s choice to hire Ndiki as a continuity presenter on the music channel.

Mbugua publicly stated that the appearance of gays and lesbians on television serves as “a bad example for children”.

Ndiki says he has arranged for a few of the company’s clients to boycott Mbugua’s company, which hired him as the head of cooperate affairs.

Ndiki says the statements are “horrendous and inhumane”.

“I quote this from one of his tweets, something about ‘homosexuals running wild’, as if we are some kind of animal. Something needs to be done to take action against him.”

In a statement sent to Eyewitness News Mbugua apologised and said, “Please accept my sincere apology for the remarks. I should not have shared them publicly. I take full and complete responsibility. It was wrong of me to offer such viewpoints as publicly as I did.”

He continues, saying, “I think this is an opportune moment for South Africans and Africans, in general, to open up a dialogue about this mater. Nonetheless, all South Africans and Africans are welcome to practice homosexuality but that doesn’t make it right.”

Ndiki has rejected the apology and says he will continue his plans to protest at Mbugua’s firm.

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