The Weekend of Sharpening a Mindset of Great Possibilities


The Weekend of Sharpening a Mindset of Great PossibilitiesOptiven team (currently in the USA) has set aside abundant time to mingle with valued customers in California & Maryland from 6th to 12th July.  Customers will be treated to a great networking session as Optiven provide you with great opportunities to start your investment journey. 

The event’s climax will be a reflection on how every Kenyan can believe even more in themselves, stay put, kicking out fear & see every challenge as an opportunity to rise even higher.

There will be gifts for those who arrive first in all Optiven meetings.  This will be a weekend for every Kenyan who acts boldly on own behalf & who is self-aware of Traits and Behaviors that positively resonate our God-given talents.

All those who attend will have a chance to understand the great Optiven vision of economically and Socially empowering and transforming our Society.

Welcome and tag along a few of your friends.

Those who may wish to get in touch with Optiven during this current USA Tour can place a request through:

•    Muteti USA No: +1 540 214 1508
•    Steve USA No: +1 804 668 8295
•    Kenya No: +254702 83 10 83
•    Email: [email protected]

We are ready to pick your call 24/7

George Wachiuri
CEO Optiven Group

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